3 Little QlikView Tricks

Here are a few more tricks that often get over looked. QlikView is a beautiful tool that can give end users a unique experience but can leave the developer feeling like they’ve been hitting copy and paste for days. In my experience I have come across a couple of little tricks that can help speed up some of those incredibly monotonous design tasks.

·       Copying colours: Do you spend your whole life copying colours, creating custom colours, setting up gradients and running through a million captions or visual cues? If you have already setup the perfect colour properties simply right click on the colour setting and copy the colour. Then right clicking again on any new destination colour you can paste the colour with all its setting or with a range of different properties.

·       Copying expressions: If you’ve spent time coding an expression which you need to use again or with slight changes, you can right click on the expression and copy and paste it. This will even copy any of existing formatting already setup on the expression.

(Keep in mind though if you’re using the same expression over and over its always good practise to store the expression within a variable and simply reference the variable in the expression window. If you need to change this expression later you only need to go to one place and all are updated.)

·       Modifying graph layouts: When focused or selected on a chart object holding down ‘ctrl + shift’ will bring up red lines within the chart. You can now change the layout of the chart by clicking and dragging the various red lines and components within the chart. This allows to you resize the chart content or reposition the title or any reference text. If you’re not happy with the changes you’ve made you can reset the chart by selecting the “Reset User Sizing” and “Reset User Docking” on the general tab in the charts object properties.

Another trick is to drag the legend to the top or the bottom of the object and it will snap into place. This will then span the legend horizontally across the axis or header.

There are plenty more useful QlikView tricks out there so please feel free to post them in the comments.